NOCOBOND A2 metal composite panel

With the rapid development of the global construction industry, more and more innovative and sustainable materials are needed to meet the harsh requirements of designers and builders in the aspects of aesthetics and quality.

Given the sufficient performance in fire and water resistance, sound insulation, dust prevention and weather resistance tests. Nocobond A2 grade, non-combustible ACP is widely used in the applications of facade and architectures, for example: Airports, museums, landmark buildings, commercial centers, luxury hotels, etc. A2 ACP can be prefabricated in size, customized colored and provide convenient installation.

Nocobond A2 is durable in quality, easy to install and beautiful in appearance, bringing infinite possibilities to the designers and a modern look.

Fire behavior of NOCOBOND A2

NOCOBOND A2 is classified as A2 S1 d0 with European Norm standard EN 13501-1.

Ignite point higher than 343°C with standard ASTM D 1929

Pass NFPA 285 standard

A grade tested with ASTM E84 for NOCOBOND A2 core.

See left picture:cross section of NOCOBOND A2 Panel.

Core technology of NOCOBOND None-combustible ACP

Nocobond is developing a new technology in order to upgrade the current standard Class B1 fire rating up to Euro Class A2.

The construction products directive of the European Commission requires that all European Members state the same rating and move from the national standard to the European Standard.

Nocobond has developed a new range of flexible building ingredients using a novel flame retardant technology to reduce the flammability of substrates.

This technique does not involve the use of any halogens, and instead employs an inorganic containing agent.

Production Flow Chart for NOCOBOND A2 Panel

Fire performance of NOCOBOND Series

Approx.portion of combustible ingredients with in the core material100%<25%<4%
Heat Potential of the core material>45MJ/kg<11 MJ/kg<3MJ/kg
Reference Fire ClassificationEuroclass C-D
(EN 13501-01:2007)
Euroclass B
PSB certificated
Class 1 Index 0
Euroclass A2
(EN 13501-01:2009)

NOCOBOND A2 ACP Parameters

Product available
Thickness3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm
Width1220mm, 1250mm, 1500mm, 2000mm(Special needs available)
Length2440mm, 3200mm(Or according to Customer needs)
Aluminium thickness0.3mm 0.4mm 0.5mm